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Tips for Spotting a Used Car with Flood Damage


Buying a used car is often the most economical route for many buyers, but it can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for.  One of the key factors you need to know about a used car before buying is whether or not it has been damaged by flooding.

Check out the tips below for recognizing flood damage on a used vehicle.

1.)  Ask the dealer in writing about flood damage and get the response in writing too.

2.)  Check the cars records to see if flood damage is recorded, if there are alterations to the records, or if it was in a flood heavy region.

3.)  Corrosion and rust on the door hinges, under the dash, under the seats and on screws and hinges are usually indicators of flood damage.

4.)  Fabric and upholstery that have large water stains, are completely new, or haven’t aged equally should have you on the alert about flood damage.

5.)  Check the electrical system for brittle wires, funny noises, and dash lights.

6.)  Oil in a flood damaged car will be paler and stickier than usual.

7.)  Check the oil filter for water stains also.

If you see any of these flood damage indicators, it is probably best to walk away and look elsewhere.  Good luck car hunting!

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