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Keeping Your Pets Cool in the Car on Hot Summer Days

How many times have you been walking through a parking lot and had a dog start barking at you from inside a parked car? Hopefully, it wasn’t on a hot day. Leaving a dog in a parked, hot car is just as dangerous and deadly as doing the same to a child.

Price Toyota of New Castle, DE.Each year, dogs die of heatstroke from being left in cars. Even on a relatively cool 70 degree day, temperatures inside a car can reach upwards of 120 degrees! Imagine sitting in that while wearing a sweater and you can imagine how your poor pooch would feel.

If you think leaving the windows cracked will help, think again. The temperatures can still skyrocket to over 100 degrees in just minutes.

If you do see a dog locked in a parked car on a hot day, get help immediately. You can try to have the car owner paged if the car is parked outside a store. If the owner does not arrive quickly, you can call the local humane authorities or the police.

Keep your furry best friends safe and never leave them locked in your car on a hot day. If you’re unsure if it’s too hot, be safe- leave them at home instead.

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