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Enjoy Your Next Road Trip with Some Road Games

Family DrivingSo, you just bought your ‘brand-new-to-you’ used vehicle and are ready to test it out on the open road with your family’s annual summer vacation!  Of course, five minutes down the road, the kids are already screaming, “Are we there yet?!”  What better way to occupy their minds than with some good old fashioned road trips games?

Jot down this list of road trip games before your trip… pick a few or play them all.

1.)    I Spy: Definitely a classic!  One person chooses an object and states, “I spy with my little eye something….”  It could be a color, a shape or even the first letter of its word.  Then the others in the car try to guess what it is.

2.)    20 Questions: One person in the car thinks of anything they want.  Then, everybody else takes turns asking “yes” or “no” questions until they reach 20 questions.  The person who finally guesses right is the next person to be asked 20 questions.

3.)    Alphabet Game: Each person in the car uses the road signs, billboards, license plates, shop names and pretty much anything else outside of the car with words. The goal is to find letters of the alphabet.  The catch is you have to go in order…a, b, c, d, etc. and you can’t use the same word or sign as someone else!

4.)    Name that State: If you want something more stimulating for your kids, choose a state.  The next person has to name another state whose name starts with the last letter of the previous one.  Example: Mom says Michigan; the next person would same something with an N, Nevada.  Next would be an A, Arkansas.  For more of a challenge, use rivers, lakes, countries or even capitals.

With these classic games, you’re sure to stave off boredom on your next road trip. Have any games we forgot? Leave us a comment below.

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