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And That’s How Lincoln Motor Company was Born

It all started in 1917. Former manager of General Motors’ Cadillac division, Henry Leland, and his son, Wilfred Leland, decided to start their own company. Before cars were their primary source of business, the father and son duo assembled Liberty aircraft engines to fulfill World War I government contracts. Without engine technology of their own, Lincoln used cylinders supplied by Ford Motor Company and developed reliable, well-assembled aircraft engines.

After World War I, Lincoln engineers reworked their aircraft engines and developed their first line of luxury automobiles, the Lincoln L-Series. Lincoln Motor Company was then purchased by Ford Motor Company in 1922 after the family brand had a little money trouble. After acquiring Lincoln, Ford became one of America’s tLincoln Motor Companyop selling luxury brands. From four-door sedans to seven-passenger sedans, Ford and Lincoln were the perfect duo of performance and luxury.

In 1924, Ford and Lincoln’s large touring sedans were popular amongst police departments throughout the country, known as Police Flyers. These sedans were equipped with four-wheel brakes two years before they were featured in private sale vehicles.

The Lincoln-Zephyr was introduced in 1932 as the brand’s first V12-powered KB platform with an all-new streamlined appearance. A smaller Lincoln-Zephyr was introduced in 1936 with sales so successful that all Lincolns were based on the Zephyr chassis for years to come.

Now you can be the smartest one at the party this weekend, armed with the history of Lincoln Motor Company.

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