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Best Green Used Cars

In honor of EcoDriving Month (which we’re celebrating all May long), we decided to feature the best green used cars that money can buy. We’ve limited our selection to our three favorites under $10,000. car_leaf_01

  • 2005 Toyota Prius: The 2005 model gets the same 46 mpg rating as its younger brother, the 2009 Toyota Prius, but will be available at a much lower
    price. The only issue you might face when looking to buy a used Prius is the amount of mileage racked up on it, as Toyota owners tend to run their cars into the ground. The good news, however, is that Toyota has been repeatedly named the most dependable brand, so you’re likely to squeeze out thousands upon thousands of more miles out of a Toyota hybrid than one of any other make.
  • 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid: This baby is a Honda classic and delivers 41 mpg. The third generation Civic Hybrid just hit showrooms, but a used second-gen is almost as good—at a much lower price. Out of all the used hybrids we’ve test driven, the Civic Hybrid has certainly yielded the most exciting driving performance.
  • 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid: Here’s another hybrid worth driving. It delivers on fuel efficiency (29 mpg) without compromising the crossover size that is crucial to both mid-size and large families. What we like most about the Escape Hybrid is the praise that its batteries have received. In fact, several Escape Hybrid taxis have gotten more than 300,000 miles out of their batteries without having to replace them!

Remember, pre-owned cars are always a viable option: you don’t have to shop new to drive green.

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